Regional Program

Regional resilience programs

Resilience, Conservation and Technical Programs with Potential Synergies

These Programs Have Potential Synergies with Coastal Resilience at Tyndall AFB In Terms of Technology Transfers, Joint Pursuits of Funding and Partnerships.
  1.  Florida FWC’s Florida Oyster Science Working Group
  2.  EPA National Estuary Program
  3.  Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Resilient Coastlines Program
  4.  The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Gulf Coast Restoration Program
  5.  St. Andrew/St. Joseph Estuary Program
  6.  USACE Coastal Resilience Program / South Atlantic Coastal Study
  7.  Southeast Conservation Strategy (SECAS)
  8.  Southeast Regional Partnership for Planning and Sustainability (SERPPAS)
  9.  FDEP Aquatic Preserve Program
  10.  FDEP Resilience and Coastal Protection Program
  11.  USACE Regional Sediment Management Program
  12.  Conservation International’s Gray/Green Infrastructure Program
  13.  World Wildlife Fund’s Natural and Nature-based Training Program
  14.  Florida FWC’s Marine and Estuary Conservation and Restoration Program
  15.  University of Georgia’s Institute for Resilient Infrastructure Systems
  16.  Sentinel Landscape Program